Portrait of a Lady

Dionne Warwick Live in Paris, 1966

Standing out in a sea of girl soul singers of her era, Dionne Warwick has always earned our admiration.  She stood out as lady, a woman, more than a girl.  Rather than flashy vocal maneuvers, over and again she opted for nuanced lyrical stylings and gracious reserve rather than ostentatious display.

Of course, few better matches have been made in the history of the American songbook than that of Burt Bacharach & Miss Warwick.  In Bacharach’s own words, it was as if ‘angels up in heaven were looking down on you…’.

Nowhere is this demonstrated more beautifully than in this outstanding and beautiful  piece of early film.  Recorded live at the Olympia Theatre in Paris in 1966, it was later released by Scepter Records as an LP.