Snapshot of a Chanteuse.

The Music & Performance of Linnzi Zaorski.

With her fine band of instrumentalists, Delta Royale, Linnzi Zaorski is a secret too well-kept. 

To watch her perform as her voice lights on a melody like a hummingbird skipping from bloom to bloom dripping sweet nectar along the way, is to step back to another time when girls were gals who wore gloves and saucy was an adjective in regular use.

One of New Orleans finest musical offerings, Zaorski deftly combines wit, talent and playfulness and appears as an exquisite song stylist that toys with nostalgia without ever cutting short today.

Andrei Codrescu on Zaorski:

'When she had refugiated herself to New York after the storm, she hadn't lacked for gigs. She worked every night, sometimes two clubs a night. She gave generously of her time when I asked her to introduce a reading I was giving at the Bowery Poetry club.'

'Among other things, she sang Do You Know What it Means to Miss New Orleans, and she teared up singing it. And it was not long after that, I believe, that she decided to come back to New Orleans, beautiful move, her whole heart, but how to survive. I suggest that she star in a movie soon, because she looks just right a cross between an icy Hitchcock blonde in the silent movie era comedienne.'

Ooh, ooh…  What a little moonlight can do…

Andrei Codrescu’s full commentary on NPR:

With special thanks to Humid Beings, New Orleans.

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